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Luxury Expedition - PONANT has reached 30 years

PONANT, France's number 2 cruise company and world leader in polar expeditions celebrates 30 years of existence. It was on 1 April 1988 that the adventure began in Nantes, where 14 young Merchant Navy officers aged 23 to 29, including Jean-Emmanuel Sauvée, still active as CEO, and Philippe Videau, decided to create the company, which first took the name COMPAGNIE des ÎLES du PONANT (it became COMPAGNIE du PONANT in 2009 and simply PONANT in 2014). PONANT is the only cruise company in France flying the Tricolore. by Earl of Cruise
based on an article by Vincent Groizeleau at Mer et Marine
The first ship, built in Villeneuve-la-Garenne, was born in 1991. It is the sailboat and cruise vessel LE PONANT, a modern three-masted ship of 85.5 meters long with 32 cabins, still in service. LE PONANT´s sails became the logo of PONANT. 
A second new unit, LE LEVANT (99.6 metres, 45 cabins, 92 passengers max.), left ALSTOM LEROUX NAVAL shipyards in Saint-Malo in 1998. Then came LE DIAMANT in 2004…

Heritage - Geniale Göttin, Film über Hedy Lamarr, ohne die Schauspielerin gäbe es weder WiFi noch Bluetooth

Hedy Lamarr wurde als Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler am 9. November 1914 in Wien geboren. Sie war das einzige Kind einer jüdischen Bankiersfamilie. Die Lamarr galt zu ihrer Zeit als die schönste Frau im Film, wenn nicht gar der Welt. Aber sie war auch eine der umstrittensten Schönheiten überhaupt. „Es ist für Frauen immer noch schwer, in der Technik anerkannt zu werden – gerade für eine Frau wie Hedy. Ihre Schönheit hat den Blick verstellt auf das, was hinter der Fassade steckt“, beschreibt Forscherin Anja Drephal von der Humboldt-Universität in Berlin das Schicksal der 1914 geborenen und 2000 gestorbenen österreichischen Schauspielerin Hedy Lamarr. Das motivierte auch Peter Fotheringham vom Kino Sweet Sixteen im Depot den Film zur Premiere in Dortmund zu zeigen. „Zur Premiere verlosen wir unter den Zuschauern eine Hörbuchfassung des Filmes“, sagt Fotheringham. by Earl of Cruise Hedy Lamarr steckt hinter unserem modernen Kommunikationssystem Ihr Aussehen war zugleich auch ihre He…

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Ocean Liners in Movies or Films at Sea (updated Nov 2017)

For liners and the shipping companies movies and films had been a top marketing toolMovies or Films and liners at sea, had been intriguing me since I have read about in my youth in LUXUSLINER - BILDER EINER GROSSEN ZEIT by Lee Server (THE GOLDEN AGE OF OCEAN LINERS). But earlier, mot only since my first crossing, I was keen watching movies with liners in it, and disapointed, which was an understatement, when I realized the films have been made in a set ashore in some movie "factory". That was after my first crossing.
by Earl of Cruise
an essay in progress
Ocean liners, especially those of the luxury category, had been the location of dramas, love stories, thrillers, suspense and catastrophies sinde film was born, or nearly.
In this list, the most descriptions are taken from Wikipedia, as I guess no one can expect having seen all these films ... otherwise I would have squared eyes. The list I tried to do as chronological as possible. But avoiding the cruise ship films, the catast…

ss NORMANDIE 1935-1942

by Earl of Cruise
ss / te NORMANDIE im Trockendock, während der Endausrüstung - courtesy colourized by Daryl LeBlanc Heute, am 29. Mai, vor genau 80 Jahren, 1935, begann, das kurze aktive Leben, des großartigsten Passagierschiffes der Welt. Um 18:26 legte der Stolz der Grande Nation, NORMANDIE, in Le Havre ab, und segelte über Southampton nach New York. Dort wurde dem Schiff ein triumphaler Empfang bereitet, als NORMANDIE in der neuen Rekordzeit von 4Tagen, 3h und 2min den Atlantik zwischen Bishop Rock und Ambrose bezwungen hatte.
© Scott McBee
Sie (er) hatte alles, die (der) NORMANDIE.
NORMANDIE war nicht nurder größte, der längste, der schwersteund der schnellste, sondern auch der berühmtesteOzeandampferdesJazz Zeitalters. NORMANDIE war von den besten Köpfen des französichen Art Déco ausgestaltet, und von genialen Designern und Ingenieuren entwickelt worden. NORMANDIE erfasste die Fantasie von Millionen Menschen am Vorabend des 2.Weltkrieges. NORMANDIE war das Schi…

Starting rms MAURETANIA from cold

rms MAURETANIA, 1907, Cold Starting
CUNARD LINE Ltd., Builders: SWAN, HUNTER & WIGHAM RICHARDSON. Newcastle on Tyne by Stephen Carey, engineer, editing by Earl of Cruise


The STELLA POLARIS, METEOR and PRINZESSIN VICTORIA LUISEhave been in their days the epitome of luxury cruising, a long past era. by Earl of Cruise, text passages from Alan Dumelow in 1900 inaugurated a new type of passenger vessel in Hamburg the PRINZESSIN VICTORIA LUISEss PRINZESSIN VICTORIA LUISE, 1900, HAPAG, the first custom build cruise vessel in history - courtesy coloured by Daryl LeBlanc, Source: Wikipedia (original seize) The new vessel is the prototype for cruise vessels and especially all the Mega Yacht named ships, that play to be a Mega Yacht. This new type of vessel was initiated by the foreseeing genius of ALBERT BALLIN. While under construction tout Hamburg was wondering what BLOHM&VOSS was constructing for the genius ALBERT BALLIN, chairman of HAPAG. A common joke was, that he had ordered a privat yacht as he had become great-crazy. The more the small 4,409 GT vessel grew on the helling the more it was looking like a yacht for a super rich industrial, business man …

HISTORY - ss LA BOURGOGNE - Women and Children last

What had happend on sinking LA BOURGOGNE? Why had been so few women and children been rescued? by João Martins, editing by Earl of Cruise
ss LA BOURGOGNE - editors collection From our viewpoint of today we see this disaster of ss LA BOURGOGNEas one of egoism and the right of the stronger, with no "heroism", or stepping back for the weak to be saved. And we blame the crew for not doing their duty ... Are we allowed to judge? Are we allowed to chide? Are we alowed to claime it as typical ... for the seamanship of France - I have heard and read so! - ?  No, we have not been on board. 
This tragedy is not the place to be chauvinistic!
And looking in todays world we see a lot of chauvinism again and egoism! The ss LA BOURGOGNE was a 7,395 GRT French ocean liner built by the FCM in Toulon for the Transatlatic mail and passenger service of Cie. Gle. TRANSATLANTIQUE and completed in 1886. She was an iron and steel construction, 150 metres long, had two funnels and four masts and was prope…

WORLD DISCOVERER Shipwrecked in a remote bay of the Solomon Islands

Hidden in a remote bay of the Solomon Islands, the beached wreck of the German-built Liberian flaged expedition cruise vessel WORLD DISCOVERER slowly rusts away. Built in 1974, it served multiple official owners faithfully for over 25 years. In April of 2000, the ship struck an uncharted reef formation just off the Solomon Islands in the Pacific Ocean. by Earl of Cruise WORLD DISCOVERER in Australian waters - own collection, courtsey SOCIETY EXPEDITIONS WORLD DISCOVERER was anew type cruise ship designed for the expedition cruise market, a few years earlier inaugurated by LINDBLAD CRUISES. WORLD DISCOVERER was built by SCHICHAU SEEBECK WERFT, Unterweser, Germany in 1974 as the second purpose built expedition cruise ship ever in the world. During construction the vessel was called BEWA DISCOVERER, the ship was completed 1974 in Bremerhaven, Germany. WORLD DISCOVERER was classified as a Swedish/Finnish 1A Ice Class, allowing the ship to withstand minor ice floe impacts. The vessel had a doub…

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HISTORY - One of the earliest steam ship companies in the world ÖSTERREICHISCHER LLOYD was founded in 1833 - III 1914-19 becoming LLOYD TRIESTINO

After the assaination of crownprince Erzherzog Franz Ferdinand and his wife in Sarajewo, all European powers did run with `eyes wide shut´ in the first catastrophy of the 20th century. This war, caused equally by all the imperial powers, which was thought "to end all wars in the future", seen as a "clearing thunderstorm", caused with the Versailles Treaty only more war, grief and sorrow, with a final push from the Great Depression of the 1930s. LLOYD express steamers PRINZ HOHENLOHE and BARON GAUTSCH in Pola - own collection, copy from a postcard Even if the signals for this war could be seen as Menetekel (portent) at the walls, everybody was taken by surprise. Especially the economy, as nobody really was prepared for this war. by Earl of Cruise At the beginning of the First World War many ships of LLOYD AUSTRIACO were scattered on the oceans of the world. Some ships had to seek shelter in neutral ports, numerous were used by the k. u. k. Kriegsmarine for transports an…

ss NORMANDIE 1935 - 1942 IX

ss / te NORMANDIE starting from cold Owners: COMPAGNIE GÉNÉRALE TRANSATLANTIQUE BUILDERS: PENHÖET, St. Nazaire, France by Stephen Carey ©, editing by Earl of Cruise This document is almost exclusively about the engineering aspects of NORMANDIE, mainly on how to start her up from cold. If you are looking for photos of the passenger spaces, there is a plethora of them on the web, in Facebook groups - Admirers of the ss Normandie, ss Normandie photographic file, The French Ocean Liners / Les Paquebots Français, ss Normandie, GREAT LINERS OF THE PAST & PRESENT, and others, Pinterest and in articles about NORMANDIE here in the blog, please see at the end of the article. Using "ss" for NORMANDIE is quite incorrect, as NORMANDIE was a Turbo Electric vessel and not a steamship, therefore NORMANDIE should be adressed as "te". by Earl of Cruise


The PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMANY was existing for "just" one hundred years and was in her heydays a backbone for the development of the US West.
The PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY was founded April 18, 1848, as a joint stock company under the laws of the State of New York by a group of New York City merchants, William H. Aspinwall, Edwin Bartlett, Henry Chauncey, Mr. Alsop, G.G. Howland and S.S. Howland. These merchants had acquired the right to transport mail under contract from the United States Government from the Isthmusof Panama to California awarded in 1847 to one Arnold Harris.
The company was sold 1938 last to AMERICAN PRESIDENT LINES, existing only on the paper, was closed down in 1949.
by Earl of Cruise CALIFORNIA, PACIFIC MAIL's first ship - Source: Wikipedia
CALIFORNIAwas the first steamer built by the PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY and she was launched May 19, 1848. She sailed from New York for Panama, via Cape Horn, on October 6, 1848. The CALIFORNIA arrived a…